Why You Should Write A Job Description For Your Team Members

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  • 2020-02-07 20:00:00
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A job description is such a simple tool for a leader. It is the base of your team success. And although it sounds such a simple thing to put in place, I encountered many teams where a job description wasn’t written or not up to date.

This video clarifies what a good job description is and why it is necessary to put some time in it.



Transcription of the video :

Hi there, I’m Kay, coach, consultant and management trainer and I want to talk about the reason you should write a job description for all your team members including you !



I admire your enthusiasm about getting your own team, and finally have some time to work on your business growth ! Or maybe you have already a team but still don’t get things done ? A lot of the company’s I worked for don’t have a clear job description for their employees and even less for their managers .

That’s right !

How the hell are you making people accountable if they don’t know what to do and what they signed up for ? Many times, job descriptions change also over the years even months as we live in a very fast paced world. If your employee has a major change in his task package you should adapt their job description and give him the choice to accept this or to leave.


What is a job description ?

Hold on don’t start firing right away and hire a new team. And do not send your announcement out straight away. The first thing you should do is to think this through.

  • What exactly do I want my team members to do ?
  • Which tasks do I want to delegate ?
  • What are the things that change ?
  • Do I know exactly what I expect from them and is clearly written down ?
  • Did I include soft and hard skills ?

Once you have the answers to these questions you can sit down and write each job description.


Be up to date

Be sure you write your new job description in a way that serves your business today ! Make sure that you align the job with today’s expectations. Then you can present this to your employees and let them sign of on this. Or start hiring your team according to what you need in skillset and what kind of person you want to work with. That is the way to start a team with clear set expectations. And setting expectations is your job as a CEO of your business.

But before you do just that , to help you, I made an easy “Ultimate Job Description Worksheet” that you can download right here, where I explain all the steps you need to write a job description and even get a good job announcement out !

So here we go, get your kids in bed, give your hubby a big bag of candy he can eat while catching a movie, get yourself a nice glass of wine, …. or whatever you prefer at night, get settled and start writing !

Let me know how it went and shout out if you need any help !

What are you waiting for, get some action !

Bye !

x Kay