Why Webinars Are The Secret Sauce For Your Business Success?

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  • 2020-05-15 12:37:57

 “Why should I choose to hold a webinar for my business?”

Before I am going to tell you why, I would like to ask you a few questions. Do you want to gain brand awareness? Would you like to promote your new service or product within your community and expand your reach? Are you wondering how you are going to connect with your customers, show your expertise and gain trust?

A webinar can do all 3 of them if you do it right 😊

What exactly is a webinar?

The “webinar” term is resulting from the contraction of the words "web" and "seminar". When compared to the real world it is exactly that: an online seminar where people connect and present their products, skills and engage.

This original cocktail combines interactivity, information, and connection. Accessible online by registration, a webinar can be followed in a live or a recorded version. When your goal is to share your knowledge and gain trust with your ideal client, a webinar is the perfect fit to share expertise and share your unique formula.

Why should they choose you and your service? This formula is the opportunity to offer visibility for your business, but also to create awareness of your content and brand values!

“Webinar=Google loves me workshop”

What are the BIG advantages of a webinar?

We all do already so much! Blogs, videos, posts, engaging on social media so why on top of that should I invest my time into a webinar? Well, a webinar represents a powerful marketing lever and that is real time connection! We all love to connect directly with people we are looking more and more for authenticity. But why choose a webinar method to do just that?

Interaction creates action

More than an online conference, a webinar is a real exchange between  one or more speakers and listeners. Unlike a video, blogs, posts… where communication takes place one way, a webinar offers the possibility of interacting with your target audience. It is truly a collaborative seminar where participants are invited to ask their questions directly and gives you a truly clear idea what their needs are.

Nothing is so frustrating to listen to somebody for 1 hour without the possibility to express yourself. Or having a question turning around your mind and not be able to ask it. With the chat or comment system it is quite easy to interact with your audience, you can even speak directly with them if you choose so by allowing audio and camera to your audience. That way your audience will be involved in the whole process and you will draw them in much easier.

True connecting

Something happens when you speak directly to people, answer their questions, share an experience, tell a story,…. People are going to trust you as they have the feeling to get the real you! When you speak to people in real life even if it is about the smallest thing, you are going to remember them by their personality, what they told you , what you related to….right? What makes the difference is not what you discussed but how you felt while doing it. The same is true with a webinar. People will have the feeling you know them and recognise them as persons not only as a “view” or “like” number as we do in all social media interaction.

Easy peasy marketing

A big advantage of a webinar is that you can monitor all kind of numbers all automatically. To do so you need to choose the platform that fits you… but it is very easy to know who is interested in your content, who looked at your page and who subscribed. This way you can target your marketing and communication in a more efficiently. You will be able to obtain precise statistics, starting with the participation rate, the number of real registrants, the time spent on the webinar, the commitment of participants, their interest in a particular product or service, where they come from… All of this will allow you to detect your strengths and weaknesses, but also to broaden the knowledge of your prospects to revive those most interested in your services. This information is crucial to refine your content and product, your ideal customer, and your future communication.

Just hit (re)play

Guess what? A webinar can be recorded (if you choose this option)!  It is an amazingly easy way to put your content online. You can extract pieces of it and edit it to other things. But the biggest advantage is the replay! If people cannot attend, you can still reach them with your message. They can choose another time when it is more convenient for them to listen to you. Another advantage with recording is that you can make your webinar an automatic webinar. That way you only need to be present once and you can still hold your event where people are having the impression to be live even if they aren’t.


Time is money

People are afraid that online connection is going to replace the real connection with people. I get that. I also miss the face to face gatherings when I spend my whole time online. Recently I realised that online connections can be even more powerful as you can meet people in a very easy way that think the same, have the same interests and it is so much more effective to find the community that fits you! A webinar is the best online version of the real time connection we need to make our business a success. Without going overboard with expenses we can reach a big audience as it is online!

No travel expenses, no rent for a space, no expenses for goodies, technical setup, reception ….and so much easier to convince people to come. They can just watch you from within their living room with pyjamas on wherever they are watching from in the whole world! That means a wider target and a much wider visibility for your brand as you are not limited by the size of a room.


So let’s sum it up:

A good webinar of 90 min of your time can really make you gain momentum: you will tell your story, create brand awareness, connect with your ideal customer, get real time feedback, promote your product, share expertise, show your audience why they should choose you and share in real time what you do best!

Let me ask you? Which other communication tool and method can do this all in one?

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