Why A People Strategy Is Essential For Success.

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  • 2020-05-03 18:00:00


Hi there
I’m Kay coach and management trainer.

What are your Business strategies?

Let me ask you this, and I want you to really think about it!

Do you have a financial strategy for your business?
Do you have an (online) marketing strategy?
Did you think about what your business brand is?
Do you know why you started your business in the first place?
Why did you hire a team? 
Do you want your team and your business to perform excellence?
The answers to these questions would resemble to something like this I guess: 

Of course, I have a financial plan, without it I wouldn’t have a business.
I hired a marketing coach to help me implement my marketing strategy online and automate some processes. It was just so hard to choose the right one as there are so many 😉 (sorry girls but it is true).
My business brand is all figured out I even hired somebody to find the right fonts I use on my website (all about perfection right?)
I want to succeed this business because I want to be my own boss, spend time with my family , travel the world,….be completely independent. 
When I am going crazy thinking I will never make it I listen to my favorite podcast or go through a crazy run until the only thing I think about is sleep. 
As my business is  growing I hired the best experts to do the job for me.


Rings some bells?

I think I am pretty close no? You succeeded so far because you are the best in what you do!

You are an awesome businesswoman! You got this…! 

Why aren’t they working?

Then your team just don’t do the job as you planned …cause in all your preparations you forgot 1 thing and that is that people don’t act and think as you command them to. You cannot expect them to be your clones and work as robots. What you forgot to think about is your people strategy! 
What about that? 

Do you have team values? Do you have clear job descriptions for yourself and all team members? Do you have KPIs? Did you set up a personalized coaching and learning program so they can grow within your company? And I am not speaking about a promotion let me be clear. What I am getting to, is a roadmap with a clear plan for your people based on their ambition and yours. Followed by a training program in hard and soft skills. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed? 
Don’t know where to start? 
Very simple just send me a message and I would be glad to help you.

Have a great day and takes some action!


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