Why A Good Team Culture Starts With Trust!

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  • 2020-04-05 16:14:19


Hi there, I’m Kay, coach, consultant and management trainer and I want to talk about team culture and trust.

Trust is must be a no brainer

When people don’t trust you as a leader your business will suffer from it! So, before you address team culture you must make sure the value of trust is a no brainer for everybody.

Ultimately, your goal is profits. You need a culture of innovation and productivity to get there. And for that, you must build a culture of trust, from company policies to workplace relationships. When your leadership inspires confidence, your staff and company can thrive. 

Trust and creativity

Did you ever try to be creative and innovative and every time you have an idea somebody tells you to go away! I sure did! A good brainstorming start with trust.

Trust that you won’t be saw as an idiot, be sure you are in a safe environment to express the most crazy ideas.

Innovation and company growth aren’t possible if your team members are not feeling safe to express themselves just as they are. So, it is up to you to cultivate trust in the way you act, react and encourage them. You will see it is a huge difference!

So, that is my tip for today, let me know how you want to build a good inspiring team culture to make your team a successful team !

Have a great day and take action!



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