What To Do With Your Ego In Leadership.

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  • 2020-04-19 18:00:00


So many managers make this mistake. They just can’t help themselves. One of the hardest things I learned as a leader is to put aside your ego and think of the best way to move forward.

When ego took the better of me

Let me share an example. One day one I had an encounter with a team member. She is a very stubborn lady that doesn’t like to be corrected when she does something, she shouldn’t. When you address an issue with her it always ends up with a row and it is a very loud conversation if you know what I mean. I know this and always address issues with care and a lot of patience and always in a closed room where others can’t hear. But this day I was tired and didn’t feel completely comfortable in my skin (yes this can happen). When she interrupted a team meeting with a very non ending opinion and clearly for me, she was just beside the case and didn’t listen to others! I snapped and shut her down with a not so nice comment in front of everybody.

She stormed out of the room with an under mouth not so nice sentence that everybody heard, and her eyes shot me down with lightning all afternoon.  just had enough of her but what really happened is that my ego went in the way: I am the leader you should listen!


When ego is set aside

So, when I realised that it was the combination of a bad mood and my ego that made this situation happen, I decided to put my ego aside and talk to her.So, I explained to her that I was in a bad mood and just snapped and excused myself of losing control. I shouldn’t have disrespected her and excused myself.

And guess what ? Without even addressing the issue she admitted that she wasn’t listening to others either and that she wanted to apologise for her behaviour toward me. So by setting aside my ego we managed to have a very honest conversation about respect and listening to people. We agreed upon some common ground rules for the future and I had a lovely work relationship after that.


What are your experiences with employees with lots and lots of ego?

I would love to know!

Have a great day, and take some action



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