What Are The Essential Ingredients For A Winning Webinar ?

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  • 2020-06-06 22:40:00

 “Why a fun and engaging webinar is essential for success?”

Lately I have attended a lot of really great webinars with lots of content and value in it but I had a very difficult time to keep my attention going as we are all overwhelmed by all this content people are throwing at you. While I was watching and trying to keep from yawning, I was thinking about how we can make this much more fun! Being a trainer and a facilitator, this is what I am all about! You learn and engage so much more when you are having fun and can interact with the content! So that is when I started to do these webinars and online trainings with my special cocktail adding lots of engagement and fun! 

But what is your special cocktail and how can you engage your ideal webinar audience to warm up to your style and personality?Four very simple ingredients are key but you need to apply them with pedagogy and truly build your structure and content around it!

The first ingredient I want to talk about is:


What means this word we hear everywhere? Well Google (Yes, I just googled that I am a millennial after all 😊) says it is:

“The application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.

So basically, it is making a game of your content so people will engage more and get real value from it.

But why is it that makes gamification adds value? Let’s take a step back into our childhood.What are the things you learned at school that you still remember?

One of the most remarkable teachers I had in primary school was Mr. David. He managed to get the most boring topics into our heads and helped each one of us to overcome our learning difficulties and grow as a person. What he did with the content was to make us want to obtain our personal goals. We had challenges, races, we wrote songs to remember the essentials, played games together to learn how to read and write….

So what he did is gamify his content and adapted that to his audience! So that is exactly what you should do! How can you adapt your content to make a game out of it so you can increase engagement and the learning experience?

As a trainer and a facilitator, I learned that adults need this even more then kids! Our attention rate is so easily distracted when you are trying to get some content into our head (as there is so much going on).Especially when you are sitting in front of your computer and your notifications keep on popping up in the corner of your eye!


The second ingredient is storytelling: the ability to tell stories that stick.

You have different techniques and methods of doing so but whatever technique you choose the essence is the same. You are captivating your audience’s attention by drawing a picture. The great storytellers of our time have one thing in common: they evocate emotion. And draw people in by making them relate to the essence of a story. When you can captivate a person into a story you make him travel out of their world into yours.

"People love to travel, especially right now."


But why is it that we can travel so easily into another’s mind even if the story is something completely different than ours? It is  by showing vulnerability. When you show vulnerability, you become a hero for it. And we all like heroes who overcame what we are facing even if it is not exactly the same situation, we are in. So when you share part of your story you will create empowermentand trust within your audience.You will see the results are remarkable.



We as humans have always something to say! We can not watch a movie or a soap without reacting to it or commenting on what is going on. That is even more true when we are learning something. So, nothing is more frustrating then reacting to a screen without any feedback on it. To really get the best of your webinar you need to provide these moments of interaction. You can do this by doing a poll, have some exchanges in the chat box or even allow people to speak up by video, …

"These tools for interaction can be very powerful to keep

your audience engaged."


I would even add to that the fact that it is crucial to give answers to your audience’s questions. Nothing is more irritating when a presenter says:” Put your questions in the chat box and then doesn’t address them. So if you don’t have the time to address them all ...let your audience know when you will and always make sure you have a follow up email sequence. Or you can use the questions to provide some content the next few weekson socials so your webinar audience will keep following you as you provide them with customized answers!

Spice it up

Your energy is what makes and breaks a webinar. As an experienced entertainer I know that the key lies in projecting your energy through the camera into peoples living room. For the people who did some theater or stage performance you will know that one of the basics you learn is that you need to perform for the whole audience until the very last person completely in the back of the room. That counts especially when you are presenting on screen.

So, you need to be on the top of your game! That does not mean you need to be another person then you are in real life, you just need to amplify your energy and project it to your audience.

"Just overdo it a little bit, play with it, have some fun! "

This is your chance to become the better version of yourself and connect through that.

If you are still not sure that camera work is for you think about this: What are my biggest personality treads? Am I very dynamic, calm, bubbly, grumpy…? Then take this character tread and make it big. You can do this with adding some fun slides illustrating what you are about, adapt your dress code to it, whatever makes you comfortable to be just you but in a bigger way!

"You are unique, it is all about being your authentic self and make her grow and shine!"


This are my 4 main ingredients to make my webinar cocktail unique: Gamification, storytelling, interaction and some spiced up energy!

I would love to learn more about your winning cocktail and how you can add that to your webinar. If you want to learn more on how to do this join us at our next [email protected] Free webinar! We will learn you how to set up your webinar and take that first step to finding your unique webinar cocktail!

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