What Are The Biggest Traps With Giving Feedback

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  • 2020-04-12 18:00:00


Hi there, I’m Kay, coach, consultant and management trainer and today I want to talk to you about feedback.

Who doesn’t check the reviews when you are choosing a holiday destination, or looks at the ratings before choosing a Netflix serie… Getting and giving feedback has become part of our daily routine and it can also be such a great way to grow as a person. But feedback isn’t always constructive. As a leader you will get the best and the worst , and it is your responsibility to make feedback constructive!

What not to do

This are the biggest traps with giving or getting feedback as a person:

❌When given by other people we are not always sure we get the message as it was intended to.

❌Most feedback we get from other people is unintentional: that is, they don’t have a planned outcome in mind. They just react, and we then react. It is an informal process, but nonetheless very powerful.

❌We all know about criticism and the damage it can do to us ,to our confidence and self esteem.

What to do

As a manager giving feedback can be one of the greatest tools to get your team motivated and so perform at their highest. To do so 2 tips:

✅Give Positive feedback is also known as ‘praise’. This type of feedback is mainly used as a motivator. It recognises the good work that someone has done and rewards them for it.

✅Constructive feedback is letting someone know that they did not do something in an appropriate way, or that they did something incorrectly. The message is constructive and helps the individual to improve, rather than just being a message about what they shouldn’t do.

What are your experiences with giving people feedback?

What works for you and doesn’t?

Let me know and we can start talking about it!


Have a great day

And take some action



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