My Story Of Resilience On "The Passionpreneur Experience" Podcast

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  • 2020-05-16 15:30:44

The Passionpreneur experience

Interview by Bridget Cobb

Resilience is one of my biggest strenghts. Over and over again I persisted in life to create the life i want to live. I say this with confidence cause I can trully say I am proud of what I achieved but this confidence was not build over a night. Bridget Cobb, founder of Bridget Cobb Coaching invited me to her weekly podcast to speak about resilience so I could share my story of roadblocks with all of you, female entrepreneurs who started this journey with a sidehustle and want to fulfill their dream by being tue to their authentic self.


" I am joined by a woman that persisted again and again in order to create the life she wanted. Listen in to learn how to pivot when times get tough, pursue your passion with unapologetic determination and get your hands on a tasty, tasty waffle..."


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