My story : Creating Opportunities Out Of Roadblocks

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  • 2020-05-30 18:00:00


Hi there I’m Kay ,leadership coach and trainer. Today I want to tell you a bit of my story of how I found the confidence to start my online business and create this very special winning webinars cocktail.

My journey

You must know that I am a people person, I love to connect, am very tactile and very energetic. My environment sees me as a bubbly, independent women with a strong mind and with lots of positive energy all year long! Yes, it never goes down, hahaha.

After 10 years of corporate management leading excessively big teams, I decided to move to the other side of the world with just my family our luggage and 2m2 of personal stuff in a boat, that took 3 months to get here. This was in May 2019. As this move was a real challenge as you can imagine, my real journey started once I arrived in Moorea. I was used to be surrounded by others, big teams , lots of friends, mentees and people that genuinely needed my help; Always busy to help others and lead the best  as I could and beyond that I didn’t took the time about what I wanted for myself. And now I am here on a beautiful island with just my son, partner and myself to rely on.

My special Leadership cocktail

After a few ups and downs and a lot of side-tracks I started my leadership training and coaching business locally and specialised in a special “out of the box” teambuilding program that was growing fast! What made me popular is my cocktail of personal coaching, expertise and teaching through gamification, funny catchy presentations, interaction and adding digital tools to progress during and after the trainings. That is what branded me and what I love doing. Connecting people helping them learn without taking yourself to serious.

In parallel I started to learn more about an online business and started “the road to leadership” as I didn’t want to be depended of a location , I want  to travel and take my business with me,. My passion for female leadership and empowering others to make the workplace a better place made me become Founding partner of Women H2H an online platform where woman share storys, and experiences in overcoming the roadblocks we all face as women in the workplace. My online presence started to take shape, but it wasn’t my priority as my local business was thriving.

My Business Crisis

Then we had some setbacks, life on Moorea island is expensive and we had some last-minute training cancellations, teambuilding’s where pushed to a later date in the year , we didn’t manage our budget correctly and with no savings left after our big move and settling in we were in financial difficulty. And I started to shift my mindset towards online business as a base of my company instead of a side hustle. Before I thought it was impersonal, salesly,… but now I realised that you can do it in a different way. So, I started slowly to grow online.

That is when the sanitarian crisis hit Tahiti and it went from a bad financial situation to a financial disaster.

All local income disappeared and will not come back before 1 year at least. For the first time in my adult life I needed to ask for help.

I remember sitting on my lovely terrace, contemplating the mountain, and just feeling trapped in paradise. How the heck am I going to feed my family? How am I going to survive this social isolation? What is going on in the world? As I felt this bubble of negative energy growing in my stomach, I lost all confidence. The only thing I could concentrate on where my negative feelings and panic taking over completely.

My "new" business pivot .

Knowing that all I needed was to go for a walk reconnect my mojo and scream and I could not do it. This mindset took me over a whole  week, and when I was trying to adapt to the whole situation in my way: cleaning the whole house, redecorating, working in the garden, doing a lot of coaching sessions to help managers lead their team from remote and adapting to the situation…. The puzzles slowly took place. What could I do to help others? To reconnect? What am I good at?

  • I am a great coach and am good at helping leaders find their place in the world. I am a particularly good trainer and know how to teach soft and hard skills.
  • I am a facilitator and always come up with fun ways to learn, exciting challenges, I am literally a big idea box, you do not want to be in my head you would become crazy.

So how could I make an opportunity of this situation?

The webinar ephiphany

Online a lot of webinars started to pop up that most of the time where useful but oh so boring! I saw that a lot of entrepreneurs, coaches where struggling to make the shift to online coaching and training. As I was doing this already for a while, I am quiet skilled in speaking in front of an audience and put on a good show (I was a performer at the start of my young career before going into management, but that is another story).

So, I started thinking about how to match expertise and particularly good content with a new fun way to learn. That is when I came up with [email protected] Together with my business partner we created an incredibly unique, fun and engaging webinar so people would stick to the end because they just are having so much fun! The sales pitch that everyone dreads (me ) became an opportunity to help people to grow and the feedback we get is amazing!

My Message

So the message I want to share with you is belief in what you do, dive into the void , you will grow your wings when it comes just take the chance to get it wrong and you will see you will grow so much faster and find opportunities where you didn’t see them, just by being your authentic self.

Take care and take some action




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