How To Maintain Your Team Culture

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  • 2020-03-21 01:05:08


Company Culture Yesterday 

Last week I read an article from Linkedin talent solutions about employee experience. 15 years ago, this was a topic we barely spoke of as managers. Employees were hired, trained if they were lucky and then worked.

When you hire a new employee now they ask you things as :

  • What are my grow possibilities?
  • What can you do for my career?
  • How are you as a manager?

Or even do you have after works ? 😊 this really happened. The environment and the leaders team members work with is nowadays part of your company branding.

You must become the person they want to work for! Or they just look elsewhere. Finding the right people for your business is become the real issue and can be very expensive if you don’t get it right. So you need to start making your company attractive for them. And that doesn’t mean becoming the next “google” company. Even if that would be nice 😊.

Start with small steps ! What people are really looking for is a business they can relate to:

  • Real company values
  • An open environment where participation is key
  • Flexible hours, so they can combine pleasure and business

And most of all develop their skills! As they can then develop and grow with your company.


Company Culture Today

Today creating a team culture is even more important. Team members are living in fear. We don’t know what is coming tomorrow and we have to answer this sudden change as managers. Creating this team culture on remote will address the same things as before but only emphasized. The questions we will have to answer today will be:

  • How am I going to survive as a business?
  • How am I going to keep my team culture going?
  • How am I going to adapt to this new environment balancing work and personal life?

The answer to these questions are essential to keep your team engaged throughout these hard times. That is what will make the difference of success or failure. So this is what you should think about:

  • How am I going to keep connected to my team and keep performance up?
  • How am I to find creative solutions as a business to help my people to find a new balance, combining work and family life?
  • What are the digital tools we will need to make this work?

Company Culture Tomorrow

We are at a turnpoint, it was already coming . In a normal situation you would have adapted to this new way of working in a few years. Now it is an urgency but especially an opportunity. You can make the difference for your company if you are able to do this right now! So maybe you can not do all at once, change and adapting to these new ways of managing your company takes some reflection and preparation.

I challenge you to try 1 small step every day and see what it does with your team motivation and then go from there. You might decide on what this would be together, this way everybody is involved in the process!

Think about implementing things to connect to eachother on remote.

  • How to address time management
  • How to keep the kids busy while working
  • This are all things that will help your team perform.

We can do this together we will make this work!

Remote team work is the urgency of today but the future of tomorrow!

Have a great day and take some action !

Bye !

Kay X

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