5 Rules To Lead Your Team To Success

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  • 2019-12-01 07:00:00
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As a business owner, a mum, a wife we have so many things to think of.

But what you should really concentrate on is your team !  

If you don’t coach your team, your performance will stay mediocre. I want to share my tips to get your team going so you can create a great environment, get things done, be an example as a leader and empower your team to be their best.

I've put everything you need to know in this video :



Transcription of the video :

Hi there, I’m Kay, coach, consultant and management trainer and I want to share my thoughts of today and tell you my 5 most important rules to lead your team towards success. Are you wondering why you should concentrate on your team ? Let me tell you ,…after more than 15 years in team management I can be sure of one thing, if you don’t coach or lead your team, your performance and so your business will not succeed and certainly not reach excellence.


Coach Your Team.

Employees need and appreciate a manager who takes time to coach and challenge them, and not just when they’re behind. Most of the time we have the habit to see only what doesn’t work.

But what would happen if we do the same with positive performance ? Ask yourself that question. I don’t say you don’t have to address difficult people, as a manager you REALLLY must, it is your job. But every employee needs to be coached and managed ! Just not in the same way, and not with the same frequency and certainly not with the same timeframe.

When you simply leave some employees to do their jobs without any type of feedback or guidance you have a big chance to lose them to another company or lose motivation, so they become a bad performer and  you will have to coach them anyway. Not very efficient in your very busy life isn’t it ?


Create An Inclusive Team Environment.

This is essential for a good working team. As a team leader and businessowner you need to express interest in your team members and you must be sincerely concerned for their success and personal well-being. I’m sorry to say so but if you aren’t a people person : hire a manager who will handle your team. Handling human beings is the base and the most important part of making your business grow. If you don’t love to communicate and work with others, your team will not succeed.

To create an inclusive team environment, we must be able to take the risk, the risk of becoming aware of the combat that the most of us are having, even unconsciously. If I trust it means I lose control ? Right ? You need to adapt your communication with every single team member to make them special and worth knowing. It’s not enough just to have a diverse team.

Good leaders and managers strive to create an inclusive environment every day. Makes sense doesn’t it ?


Empower Your Team, Do Not Micromanage.

Micromanaging is  a common mistake managers make without even realizing it, one that discourages and frustrates employees. You ask them to perform on a task and then control every step of the way regardless the experience your team member has. Recognize this ? I’m sure you experienced this before with your own boss …

I sure did.

When I first started managing a team this was one of the biggest issues I had. Until now we were the experts in everything and now somebody else is doing what you did before.

My only solution is to let it go ! You are freaking out when I say this right ? I can hear you thinking : “But it is my business on the line isn’t it ? What if he makes a mistake ? What if he doesn’t achieve the level of excellence, I am expecting perfection from me… how can I expect that from somebody else ?” I hear you load and clear 😊! 

Yet, when I say you need to stop controlling everything it is because it is the only way ! Let it go and stop micromanaging and controlling everything, when you delegate you need to leave the task up to your team member.

But I reassure you, you will not just sit back and let it happen. After delegating you need to take your true leadership position instead of controlling and micromanaging you keep track of your employees progress and don’t interfere in the how the progress is made , this is how you regain control If there isn’t a progress you address the issue by having a conversation (yes you are allowed to have these 😊 ) so you can  understand what is blocking your team member to move forward. You offer the right balance in between freedom and advice, showing to trust their direct reports.


Be Productive And Result Orientated.

Team members don’t want to work for a lazy boss. They'd rather be part of a team that’s productive and successful, and that’s hard to do if the leader doesn’t set the tone. Becoming a boss means you must be on model behavior.

As a manager, you'll be looked to as a role model, you can’t expect people to give their best at work if they don’t see you doing it, so be sure you’re always on your A-game. That means putting in the effort and getting results. What you show is what you get : you are late, they will be , you speak badly of a client (even if you do it when he isn’t there) they will be much less convenient with them. So be exemplary.


Be A Good Communicator : Listen And Share Information.

Communicating effectively is one of the basics of being a good manager (or a good employee for that matter). But it’s also important to remember that great managers prioritize listening.

Focus on : curiosity, listen to your people and invest emotionally and personally in those who work for you. What you see or do is what you get. When you listen to people, they feel personally valued. It signals commitment. Take the time to listen and ask the right questions so you get the right and valuable information you need as a leader.


In short :

Coach every team member to drive performance.
Create an inclusive team environment so your business will thrive.
Empower your team do not micromanage.
Be productive and result orientated by setting an example.
Be a good communicator by listening and sharing information


This are my tips for this week. Let me know what you think by putting down your ideas or comments below.

I look forward hearing from you !

Have a great day and take some action !

Kay X


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