5 Reasons To Start A Team

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  • 2019-12-08 07:00:00
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As you are a successful business owner you have the responsibility of keeping you business growing. You cannot keep doing that on your own, as many fempreneurs struggle with making this decision as we are being on all fronts. In this video, I give you 5 points to consider on making the best decisions for you and your business.



Transcription of the video :

Hi there, I’m Kay, coach, consultant and management trainer.

I would like to congratulate you of getting so far! If you are watching this, it means you are running a successful business and you are looking to grow even more. But it means also you are still on your own doing all the tasks and probably not enjoying much free time to spend for you or your family. Or missing out on business when doing so.

Well what if I tell you this isn’t the only solution, there are many ways to continue your businesses growth towards success without completely losing yourself in it. Brace yourself cause all my solutions are involving you letting go of controlling everything! Yes, I know, not easy !

But my most important advice is do not start outsourcing if your business is not ready for it. You must take well measured decision.

To do just that this are my 5 points to consider :


I don’t need a team

First, you need to understand you are not superhuman, your energy has his limits and will eventually slow your business down. When being a mom, a partner, a woman we are all over the place and we always have the feeling we need to be perfect everywhere.

But we aren’t and that is completely normal. I keep on telling this myself every day: "Kay you are just enough , and when you cannot do something today do it tomorrow". But then the little voice in my head (yeah I have one of them to 😉 ), this voice tells me that I need to do better: "I want to answer my customer straight ahead, keep on top of my accountancy, write one more video, training" and so forward.

But going at 300% all day all week even some weekends takes its toll. And at a certain point your energy has his limits like mine does and most of the time outsourcing is even more effective than doing it yourself.


A team is expensive

But then I ask myself : ”Do I have the money for it ?” My rule is that as soon as you have a regular income you can start outsourcing. If this regular income is still small you can also start with some small tasks that takes you a lot of time and energy.


Managing a team takes time

When you are this far remember why you started a business in the first place : To feel free, right ? To be your own boss and to be master of your time. Ask yourself : "Is this still true ? Am I still my own boss or has overwhelm and time taken the lead ?"


Creating a team means hiring

Starting small is possible, think about the different ways you can outsource and then increase : outsource a few hours to an expert, get an apprentice in, get a business partner, so many possibilities are possible and guess what ? This is an investment in your business and even if it seems scary in the first place you and your business will need this to grow.

By taking the risk you might get even more success. You just need to find the right fit and person for you !

Easy, no ? 😉


I will lose control

Last big advantage of getting your team is that it will be done your way not by a prefixed way. You still will be the boss or the client so eventually it is still your decision or approval at the end.


In short :

The 5 things to consider to decide starting your own team are :

Is my energy limitation blocking my business growth?

Do I have the money for it?

Do I still have my personal freedom?

What kind of help do I need?

How do I want it done?


If you need some more help figuring this out feel free to reach out and comment below !

Have a great day and take some action !

Bye !


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