4 Worst Mistakes Of First-Time Managers

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  • 2020-01-03 21:43:54

Many of you are first-time leaders, as I am sure you do everything in your power to make this a success there are some common mistakes, we all make in the beginning. These mistakes have a huge impact on your team members and make the difference in between being a mediocre leader and a great leader it is all in the way you are and how you behave, so have fun.



Transcription of the video :

Hi there, I’m Kay, coach, consultant and management trainer and I want to share you the 4 worst mistakes I saw many new managers make (me included).


Focus on tasks instead of people

The first most common one is : you focus on tasks instead of people. As until now this is what you did …

Give yourself objectives and deadlines, make a list of tasks to get there and do it all over again when the tasks are done.

This is exactly what you do with your team members right ? Give them a list of tasks, see if they executed them right and give them new ones once they completed them. Of course, this can be part of what you do as a manager it cannot be all you do.

As for now you did these tasks by yourself and now, they are being done by other people, so from now one you have to concentrate on them : How do you expect this task to be done ? How do you motivate them to do their best ? How do you obtain excellence from them ?

These are surely not the questions you asked yourself every morning, no ?  Or maybe you did ?  

No judgement, I talk to myself all the time. 😊

 A team member works the best when he knows why he does things and when you can motivate him with the right triggers.


Being slow in transition

The second mistake I saw first time leaders make is to be slow in transition. I talked about this before but being a manager means truly taking this new role at heart and from the start delegate tasks.

Micromanagement is just not an option ! Even if at the start it scares you, your team member will think you do not trust him or her and so will not trust you neither.

Trust is the best base of a good work relationship.


It’s not me, it’s him

Third is to forget to manage up. You must own responsibility ! The : ”It wasn’t me, it was him“ attitude is not helping you at all as a leader. If your employee is not doing what you would like him to do it is not his fault. It has probably much more to do with the way you lead.

That’s right ! You are responsible for his success !

And when he fails, you fail, and your business fails so you must own it up.

This road towards true leadership and business success starts right here ! When you own responsibility for your team you address issues much quicker and you will see your employees will trust you and do much better then when you point the finger.


Too much talking

And last is a special dedication to us ladies who love to talk 😊  - this is still sometimes one of my own vigilances. We talk, express, contribute even before we listen to our team members. It is not that we don’t care we just love to express ourselves when it goes about topics, we feel passionate about ! As we clearly are all psychics and have such a bright mind, we surely know before they finish what they wanted to say, no ? 😊

So, my advice is : Bite your tongue, listen actively, instead of already being one step ahead ask the right questions. It is going to give you so much more information as a leader and especially your team member will feel much more appreciated : “She really understood me and took the time to listen !”

So, what do you think ? Are you making some of these mistakes ? How can you do better ?

I’m sure you can find the answer. Please share your thoughts with me and our community.

Have a lovely week ! Hear you soon !

Bye !

Kay X

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