Want To Recruit A Team

That's A Perfect Fit For You ?

I can help to get it right from the start !

I will help you recruit the right team members

and learn you how to coach them

to make your business thrive !



Are you stressed because you're doing everything there is to do in your business ? 

Are you working night and day, but struggle to keep up ?

You know you need to build a team so your business can grow, but you're anxious because you don’t know how to start ?

And you're nervous about hiring people you can trust to do a good job, because you don't have time to get it wrong ?!

Imagine having a team supporting you so you can go back to focusing on growing your company and working in your zone of genius. 

With the right support you can develop a people strategy that helps you build a cohesive high performing team.

Through one on one coaching I'll share my proven tools and worksheets to develop your company's structure, define each role and create a recruitment plan that helps you go from struggling solopreneur to succesful CEO.

Let's get started today !


As people are the heart of making a business grow, it’s your job to guide them !

With my personal coaching and mentoring, we’ll create

a simple people strategy that gives you a team basis.

This is my promise to you, I will help you to build the team you need.


Small business owners who need to start their own team, but don’t have the time, money and energy to get it wrong.

Women who want to create their personal management style, so their employees feel happy and perform at their best as a result.


My one 2 one coaching is personalized to you. I work with you on the areas you would need.

Here are some of the things I can help you with:

How to define your people strategy by defining your company's:

mission, goals, KPI’s and the personal goals of each team member.

How to writi a job description for every team member.

How to recruit a well-balanced team.

How to create synergy and team cohesion.

How to juggle between a manager, leader, mentor, coach and trainer role.

How to delegate and follow up to get things done.

How to coach team members to their full potential.

How to manage through values and expectations.

How to address difficult conversations.

How to organize your workload.

How to manage multiculturalism and multigenerations.

How to create a work environment where well-being is key.

How to share experiences and learn through conversation.

When you coach your people instead of managing them, you will be able to concentrate on the main role of a leader.

You will be leading your company by giving it meaning, setting a vision, developing your people

to make them an excellent and independent team so your business can grow.

You’d be achieving company goals much easier if you can rely on competent and enthusiast people.

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Hi there, I’m Kay, friend, wife, mother, woman and a people management coach !

My life motto is being positive and surrounding myself with inspiring people. I recently moved to the other side of the world with my family to the island of Moorea (French Polynesia) and started my own company in management coaching.

When you work with me, you'll benefit from my +15 years experience in corporate management and leadership. I've built teams from scratch, implemented processes and systems to manage performance and created highly motivation cultures for multi-disciplinary teams. The last 10 years I managed very different teams for the biggest entertainment resort in Europe. I was lucky to encounter a few inspiring mentors along the way who helped me to become the expert in people management that I am today.

I've a serious well based experience with teams from 20 to 600 people, with more than 30 different nationalities and generations from 18 to 60 years old. Positive management guided me through a rich and varied path. Innovation and creativity helped me to get me a sharp know how on team communication.

I can help you build your ideal team and get your team to perform with excellence.

But I warn you, I don’t have a magic wand in my toolbox !

Everyone has his own management style. I can help you find you yours and make your team a success. But I’m not going to do the work for you.

Your people are the hart of your business !  Can you afford to get it wrong ?

Let's see if we can be a fit !

Chat Soon ...

Kay x

What They Think...

K. Quiniou 

Stage [email protected] Entertainment

Disneyland Paris


The first word that comes to my mind to describe Kay is patience. Patience, calm and who likes people. Who wants to develop people and who wants to make people feel comfortable with their self.

At some point in my career, in the company I am in, I changed paths radically. So, I had a lot of reservations, a lot of doubts about it. Kay was able to help me. She has this sense of listening, she was able to direct me and help me make the decisions that suited me the best. She knows how to ask the questions that allow you to think for yourself and to decide if this decision is the right one. Getting me to take risks, but controlled risks. An especially help me to work towards change and be a part of this change.

B.Da Silva 

Team leader @ Guest relations

Disneyland Paris


Kay was a great help during my last year of apprenticeship in my management degree, a decisive year in my young career. During this year, Kay always advised me well and supported me in the various school or professional challenges. She has a very open vision of management in business, which allows her to be agile in all circumstances. At her side, I learned to set up projects, to follow them through with my team and to see them succeed. This is one of her great strengths.


I would call myself a woman with her own mind who has an unexpected view about people. I am straightforward with a no-nonsense philosophy. I genuinely care for people and want to help you to get you on the right track. I am known by others for my creative ideas and innovative thinking. My motto is be positive! By learning from mistakes, you find the right answer. A failure becomes a chance to get a better solution and a success is reproduced to make more of one.

Giving up is not an option for me so I will do whatever is in my power to help you become the leader you want to be.

Not yet convinced I am the right fit ?

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