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People Are The Heart Of Business.

Is your business going through a big change?Do you want your team to be right from the start ?

Do you manage people who are under performing?

Do you run a business and want to drive your team to excellence?

Then you're in the right place!
I will help you to get the best out of your team members
and drive your business success!

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This is the promise of performance management and positive management through better leadership.

You benefit from continuous development in order to increase team performance

In our increasingly automated world, our people are the engine of our businesses.

The next generation are attracted to companies that value personal development, creativity and positive culture. 

By investing in your people and with positive leadership, you'll 
achieve a high performing team and time for yourself to focus on business growth.




Need To Get Your Team Performing Better?

If you’re you challenged with keeping your team’s engagement up,

your first step to improve and increase motivation is to create a good team culture.

Use my easy to use and daily leadership actions  to keep your team empowered.

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 Team coaching expertise allows us to carve excellence. 

Kay Rayée


Are you struggling with: 

Leading your team and business through change

An exhausted and demotivated team 

A lack of a real people strategy 

A decrease of team performance?

Starting your own team

Great! You're in the right place, I can help. 

We work with  business owners, CEO's and managers who need help to build a thriving team that drives business growth.

Through one on one online coaching we'll provide a personalized program to achieve your goals based on proven and tried management tools.

After working with us you'll feel confident  leading people through change, creating a better team culture ,have a reliable, motivated and performing team and recruiting the right team members so you can concentrate on making your business grow!

Jump on a free 30 minute discovery call and find out if we are the right fit for you!

Meet Kay Rayée, Founder

I started my professional life as a dancer. My passion for movement and expression led me to the biggest entertainment company in Europe where I discovered a true magical world. From that moment on, my driving force was fueled by opportunities to grow, to push my limits and to help my team and customers feel a bit of the magic too. I wanted to succeed in every act I undertook. These values became my rules of life.

I faced many challenges but team crisises,  demotivation, change within the company and especially being a mum, a partner and a manager were the most difficult for me. Luckily I was helped by a few great mentors who coached me through these situations.  I started to lead by their example and helped others to walk their path to success. After 10 years of corporate life, I decided to take my experience even further and moved with my family to the other side of the world to live a new adventure. I started my own company with the motto "if you do something, do it fully and enjoy life right now!"

My experience in people management made me a dynamic, listening leader who helps others excel. Through sharing and passion for teamwork, I establish strong consistent bonds. Synergy and union are for me the essential foundations to introduce the right energy into a team. Anticipating the operational needs, being the driving engine while developing each different talent will allow us leaders to strive for excellent service quality. Young workers no longer seek companies for their technicality or brand. They explore to find a business philosophy where they can develop and learn to excel.

I can help you to be the manager they seek!

Together we will find her and transform her in  your business vision!

If I have one tip to give to any type of leader no matter what stage you are in or the challenges you are facing:

Get it right from the start! You can't do over a first impression, it sticks! 

Are you ready to face this challenge together?

I certainly am!



Coaching and Innovation

“Coach”  you, by innovative training and counselling.

Creativity and Excellence

Wow” you, by finding creative solutions to resolve your needs with excellence.

Well-Being and Performance

Happiness”  for you, by assuring you and your team 's

  well-being we increas performance.

What They Think...


Senior Manager @Deployment - Workforce Insight

Disneyland Paris


"Kay relies heavily on local management. She puts everything in place to understand the issues in order to action on concrete and adapted action plans. She understood that understanding people is the only way to accompany and guide them.Her biggest strength is her strength of character and her ability to adapt to all situations. She does not hesitate to take measured risks in her professional choices. The quality and presentation of her services. She gets ready, does not do things at random but does not lose her instinct neither” ....
“Kay has an ability to fight for herself and her ideas, but in order to make a group grow together. She has a strong personality, but this allows her to put limits to those who do not have them and in my eyes, this is important in today's management. Know how to make concessions on the essential and know how to concede to certain things in order to reach out"...



Stage manager  @ Entertainment

Disneyland Paris

"Kay brought me a real team alchemy."..."Her talent led me to take controlled risks towards change, to be an actor of this change. She is a people person and is close to her team members. Yet she will succeed to combine personal development with the goals that are set by the company. We analyzed the problems with the team and tried to find solutions together. In fact, her technique, helped my team to not just say:” Here is the problem I have the solution”. It's really coaching so that we are not just executors but that we also know how to detect problems while bringing solutions to this problem."..."

B.Da silva

Team leader @ Guest relations

Disneyland Paris

Kay was a great help during my last year of apprenticeship in my management license, a decisive year in my young career. During this year, Kay always advised me well and supported me in the various school or professional tasks. She has a very open vision of management business, which allows her to be agile in all circumstances. At her side, I learned to set up projects, to follow them and to see them succeed. This is one of her great strengths.